Retrospective Log Viewer & Analyzer


This tutorial covers the following topics:
  • Selecting either sudo or sudo su to change your identity on a host.
  • Using the options related to identity change (using a password if required / initial login).
  • Verifying your configuration in the test output on the host manager.
This tutorial is based on the Mac version of Retrospective.
Sometimes the log files that you want to search/monitor require the security privileges of a different user (normally the super user - root) than the one you have configured in the authentication section of the host manager tab. You can configure Retrospective to change your identity on a host and execute all shell commands on behalf of the configured target user. Retrospective offers the following approaches for the user identity change:
  • sudo: Retrospective uses sudo to execute shell scripts as the target user
  • sudo su: Retrospective uses sudo to become super user and then uses su to execute all shell scripts as the target user.
Both these approaches additionally
  • support an "initial login" option to replace the shell environment with the target user's environment.
  • provide the option to use a password OR no password, to match your configuration in /etc/sudoers.
Step 1: Open the host manager tab, select a host from the host list and then select an approach for the identity change.
Step 2: Define the target user for the identity change. Default is “root”, but you can enter another user if you want to.
Step 3: If sudo requires a password, check the “Requires password” option.
Step 4: Select the initial login option if you want to replace the shell environment with the target user’s environment.
Step 5: If you select "Requires password" then (depending on the Authentication method) Retrospective will either reuse the password defined in the Authentication section or request you to enter a password. In our example the password defined in the Authentication section is reused.
Step 6: Test / save your configuration. The test output should reflect your identity change configuration.

User login

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