Retrospective Log Viewer & Analyzer

Jump Server

This tutorial covers the following topic:
  • Defining a jump server to connect to a remote host.
It is based on the Mac version of Retrospective.
If your environment requires you to connect through a jump server to the target host to access the log files, you can configure this jump server in Retrospective.
Step 1: Open the host manager tab and select a host from the list
Step 2: Use the “Jump server” dropdown to select a jump server for your host. Any host defined in the host list is available to be selected as jump server, excluding the current host of course.
Once you select a jump server, Retrospective displays the route to this host right next to the drop down:
Step 3: Test / save your configuration. Once you have saved the configuration, a green arrow on the icon for the host in the host list tells you that this host is accessed through a jump server:

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