Retrospective Log Viewer & Analyzer

Limiting remote host resource consumption

This tutorial covers the following topics:
  • Limiting the maximum number of SSH connections opened by Retrospective to a remote host.
  • Using the “Execution priority” (nice) option to lower the priority / CPU consumption of all operations performed by Retrospective on a remote host.
It is based on the Mac version of Retrospective.
In certain situations you want to search / monitor log files while making sure that Retrospective consumes a limited amount of resources on a target host.
Step 1: Open the host manager tab, select a host from the list and modify the “Maximum connections”.
By limiting the maximum number of SSH connections to a remote host, you can make sure that Retrospective consumes a limited amount of resources (including CPU resources) on this host.
Step 2: Modify the “Execution priority” by moving the slider to the right.
By lowering the execution priority you can decrease the priority of all Retrospective operations on the host. Retrospective translates the execution priority setting into a POSITIVE nice (the *NIX nice tool) adjustment.
Step 3: Test / save your host

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