Retrospective 2.1.3 is ready to go

Retrospective 2.1.3 has just become a reality! As you can see, we are working hard to make Retrospective Log Analyzer the best log viewer on the market. In this release we have included many of our users’ suggestions and we would be happy to receive more feedback to enable us make the tool even better.

Major improvements in 2.1.3:

  • Host management panel

  • Proxy settings

  • Change the status bar to a custom component

  • Possibility to change path of a source from context menu

Other features we added:

  • Terminate program upon user confirmation only

  • Large Data Limit notification on the yellow message bar

  • Tab renaming/close through pop-up (context) menu

  • New menu structure

  • Tab renaming/close through pop-up (context) menu

  • Profile rename/delete through pop-up (context) menu

  • Source duplicate function

  • Possibility to pin a tab

  • Column split: Possibility to select proposals from information pop-up

  • Grouping regex occurrences in configuration window

Not forgetting more than 40 bug-fixes. Enjoy using Retrospective.