Retrospective Log Viewer & Analyzer

  • Faster than grep

    Smarter than tail

  • Quick and convenient

    Search through massive log data

  • Non-Invasive with a small footprint

    Powerful tool with a low price

  • Enterprise data at your fingertips

    Easily configured and used

  • All your log data

    Right here. Right now.

  • Big Data?

    Small solution!

  • Needle in a Haystack?

    We have the solution - Retrospective!

  • Are you testing software?

    Retrospective will help you verify your tests

  • Are you developing software?

    Instantly see the result of your code changes

  • Are you a system administrator?

    See what's happening, even in real time!

  • Working in Operations Support?

    Quickly find data to analyse your incident

  • Big Data?

    Be up and running and ready within minutes!

  • Search

    Search through thousands of files on many servers for your data

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  • Tail (Monitor)

    Do you want to see exactly when a certain error occurs, no problem – Retrospective can do this with its "tail" feature

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  • Platform

    All 3 major desktop platforms supported (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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  • Easy Configuration

    Time-to-value is unbeatable: Be up and running within minutes. Test drive it and see for yourself!

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  • Easy To Use

    Retrospective looks like one of your favourite web browsers and has a familiar layout and shortcuts

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  • Performance

    Retrospective has been optimised to do the fastest log search possible. Try it and see!

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  • Monitoring and Statistics

    Use Retrospective in many ways which are beyond the role of a simple log search tool

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  • Cost Effective

    Try Retrospective for 1 month with all its functionality for free

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Try it out now!

We are confident that Retrospective is the best log viewer on the market and we think that you will agree with us after you’ve had a chance to try out all the great features that we’ve built in for you.

Please download the trial version, have a play and we are sure that Retrospective will soon become one of the most invaluable tools in your toolbox!