Distributed Log Data Collected On Your Laptop

Forget complex log management configurations, just fetch log data from Docker containers, Kubernetes and remote log files over SSH


What can Retrospective do for you?

Turn bothersome search and monitor processes into just a few minutes work with Retrospective and the power of your laptop, no log collector agents or other additional software are required.

From Docker containers

Monitor container log data and pinpoint areas of interest in your local container logs with the guided search criteria composer.

Retrospective offers you a unified view on your setup even if there are several containers running simultaneously in your Docker installation.

From Kubernetes container orchestration

What’s going on with your containers deployed to Kubernetes?

Retrospective can help you to monitor a customized view of local and remote container logs in minutes using the famous Kubernetes command line tool kubectl.

Structure & Export

There are many structuring features ready for you when things get complicated like automatic column splitting and different highlighting options.

The tabularized data can be exported in different formats to other analysis software.

What else?

Swiss Made Software

The brand stands for Swiss values, innovation, openness & flexibility in software


Log files are collected via SSH, including certificates, jump hosts and sudo/su


Create searches or adapt your current search using terms and time ranges


Create profiles mixing log files and container logs

Success Story

"Most of our users are using the Search and Tail (Monitor) function of the Retrospective to manage collected syslog from network devices every day and it satisfies our customer needs very well," says the Sales Manager for JTC.

The SBB has chosen to use the Retrospective Log Analyzer, which helps their analysts, software developers, testers and support team to manage the complex log files with greater efficiency by enabling them to easily search through distributed logs and get instant data.

The BKW Group decided to purchase the Retrospective Log Analyzer not only to save time and money, but also to ease the workload of their software developers, testers and operators.

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Retrospective Blog

Retrospective 5.4.0 is focused on security

17. Dec 2019 by Urs

Retrospective 5.4.0 is now available. No more nasty surprises when accessing your servers in the cloud.

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