Better GUI in Retrospective 2.1.1

We have the pleasure to announce that the version 2.1.1 of the Retrospective Log Analyzer has been released. The changes and improvements have been made mostly in the tool’s Graphical User Interface to make the user experience even better.

Here some details:

  • the filter panel has been restructured (spacing, components' alignment adjusted)

  • the search/tail button has been moved

  • the redundant ‘show/hide filters’ button on the left side of the statistics has been removed.

  • the filter panel now folds automatically on tail start and hides on tail finish

  • a result toolbar was added

  • buttons for pause scroll, clear results (in tail) were moved to the result toolbar and replaced by icons

  • background of result entries is highlighted in the Log level highlight mode (activated by the button on the result toolbar). So now it's not necessary to configure the column split to enable the log level highlighting - everything works automatically by analyzing the content of the entry.

  • Highlighting support for java util logging has been added according to the user's Locale

  • there are now two modes of local search in the results table: 1. It works like earlier: showing only the lines that match the filter expression 2. It shows all data, but highlights only the entries that match the filter expression, so that you can see the context of this entries. Thanks to this functionality you can navigate using the up/down buttons (or ctrl + down/up arrow keys) that navigate to the next entry matching the local filter.

So simply download Retrospective and enjoy its new even more intuitive GUI.