Retrospective 2.1.2 is released!

Today we have just released the latest version of Retrospective (2.1.2). After receiving some useful feedback from our users we decided to implement the much desired SSH key authentication for connecting to remote hosts. Mac users will also be pleased to hear that performance and compatibility has been improved for the latest release of OSX 10.8. Last but not least we have also added some progress indicators for search and tail in order to have some better overview of ongoing action in Retrospective. Here are some more details:

  • Support for SSH key authentication

  • Improved compatibility for the newest Mac OSX 10.8

  • Simple progress indicators added for search and tail: 1.overall progress bar, 2.amount of time spent, 3.amount of data processed over total data included in the profile (in KB, MB, GB, TB), 4.number of sources (files, tables, etc.) that were searched/tailed over successfully, 5.number of sources (files, tables, etc.) over which the search/tail failed

  • configuration option has been added while adding files to a profile
  • Progress indicator added for autofind configuration. A progress bar over the sources table has been added to indicate the status of autofind process. The user can cancel the autofind and the selected profile will remain in the state as before autofind was invoked.

  • "Save desktop" has been renamed to "Save View"

  • Tabs can now be renamed by right click

With this release we hope to meet even more our customers' needs and raise even more the expectations for our product by receiving useful feedback. As always, everyone is more than welcome to provide us with their own thoughts, likes or dislikes about Retrospective which can be utilized for one of our next releases.