Retrospective Log Analyzer at JDD 2012

JDD - Java Developers Day is a two-day conference held every autumn in Cracow, Poland since 2006. Every year the conference gathers nearly 400 Java enthusiasts who want to expand their IT knowledge and network with fellow “Java folks”. Today JDD is perceived as one of the most important Java events in Poland. More than 30 lectures taking place in two or three paths, workshops, networking sessions, trainings and discussions with speakers – it’s all there to make these two days an unforgettable and enriching j-experience.

Centeractive ag was pleased to sponsor this year’s JDD edition that took place on 25th -26th October in Cracow. Jessica Kerr, Rebecca Wirfs Brock, Jacek Laskowski, Joseph Yoder, Sławomir Sobótka, Leonid Igolnik and many others shared their knowledge with more than 400 participants. 20 free Retrospective Log Analyzer licences were offered as a reward in the closing competition. We are happy to hear the event was a big success and congratulate the organizers.

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