Retrospective 5.1.0 - kind of early Christmas gift

Retrospective 5.1.0 presents itself almost like an early Christmas present. It's worth opening the package and being surprised by the new features and improvements.

As you may know, Santa Claus doesn't distribute his gifts randomly. Based on the many received letters, he knows exactly who needs what most. In this way he brings exactly what helps best and gives the most happiness. Neither do we just program randomly. Rather, we have started exactly where our customers find the shoe most pressing.

  • Columns split by TAB

  • Columns split by string

  • Columns split by regular expression

  • Column based on fixed position field

The creation of these columns is supported as usual by specific compact dialogs.


In the log entry detail pane however, you can also simply select a text section and create a Custom Column based on such fixed position field via the context menu. Custom Columns by the way provide the basis for a detailed and efficient analysis of the collected log data. Our next release (5.2.0) will provide better assistance in this area.


The following new features have also been included in Retrospective 5.1.0.

  • new preferences option to have search tab names derived automatically from the selected profile or ad hoc data sources. This allows you to keep an overview even when working with multiple open search tabs.

  • formatting of JSON data within the result details pane. The program now even formats distinct JSON sections spread in the same result entry.

  • Supporting compression methods for ZIP file entries.

Because we are not real Santa Clauses after all, we unfortunately make mistakes while working on the program code. In Retrospective Release 5.1.0 we fixed the ones that bother the users the most (details can be found in the Release Notes). We are always happy to receive detailed reports about problems. This helps us to quickly find the causes and fix them. We are also happy to receive feedback if you like one feature in particular; you won't have to sing for Santa as used to be the case in the past.

The centeractive support team wishes you a lot of fun working with Retrospective 5.1.0, but especially peaceful Christmas days and a healthy new year!