Managing server farm configuration in Retrospective
04. Mar. 2013 by Markus

We are becoming more and more dependent on technology. And it doesn’t look like this will change in the near future. Even if you’re not with Google (estimated around 1 million servers), it’s very probable that you have tens of different servers in your lab. Keeping an eye on so many is itself quite challenging, so you should get Retrospective to tail and search such configurations.

The history of Retrospective Log Analyzer
20. Feb. 2013 by Markus

The Retrospective log analyzer was not born out of an idea we happened to have while contemplating hypothetical issues. It was initially created to help our staff on customer site involved in the complex work of software development, system integration and operation support.

Log files and the ugly truth
22. Jan. 2013 by Markus

We are all familiar with the concept of outsourcing, right? You're not the best at dusting furniture and washing the dishes, so you outsource those activities to your significant other - just to put it simply. In general, companies also decide to outsource to save money, which usually works for them quite well. But this one guy decided to take this idea to another level...

Retrospective 2.1.4 - A short description of features and improvements
08. Jan. 2013 by Urs

Restrospective 2.1.4 introduces a few usability enhancements as well as new features which influence user experience. Among other things, you can now conveniently open the Profiles tab from the Search tab to configure selected profile.

Running Retrospective in production environments is safe!
15. Dec. 2012 by Markus

We have recently been asked what the runtime requirements of Retrospective are and whether it is safe to use the tool in production environment. Here's a short elaboration on this topic: Retrospective uses an SFTP client to browse the file system. Then it uses an SSH client to execute the remote commands. The invoked commands are: head, tail, grep, zgrep, cat, zcat, bzcat, tar, unzip, awk.

Let me see your logs
28. Nov. 2012 by Daniel

About three months ago I came across a tool (thanks to the Silesian JUG!) that promised to accelerate and facilitate searching and browsing over server logs. Sceptical as I was, I had a quick look at the short tutorial: Youtube Video - Retrospective Tutorial . I decided to have a closer look at the application.

Retrospective 2.1.3 is ready to go
16. Nov. 2012 by Urs

Retrospective 2.1.3 has just become a reality! As you can see, we are working hard to make Retrospective Log Analyzer the best log viewer on the market. In this release we have included many of our users’ suggestions and we would be happy to receive more feedback to enable us make the tool even better.

Hackergarten coding session at Centeractive
08. Nov. 2012 by Magda

We are pleased to invite you to the first Hackergarten session that will be held at centeractive (Worbstrasse 170, Guemligen) on Friday – 23rd of November at 5.30pm.

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