Retrospective 3.2.0 - Lightweight yet more powerful
25. April. 2014 by Markus

This new release comes with some long expected ergonomic improvements but most effort was spent on making the core processing engine even more reliable and efficient.By facing the challenges with a solid piece of software engineering we have ensured that Retrospective 3.2.0 is still lightweight but a definitively more powerful tool, whose functionality and performance could easily compete with some of the sophisticated SIEM components.

How to break the habit
06. Dec. 2013 by Helen

As humans we are all “creatures of habit”, we learn how to do something and we tend to repeat that even though we know there is an easier or quicker way to do something. Retrospecive is such a way. So start making your life simpler!

Retrospective 3.1.0 - Wants to give you a hand
05. Nov. 2013 by Helen

Version 3.1.0 of the Retrospective Log Analyzer program has just been released and wants to give you a hand to simplify, accelerate and improve your tasks to collect useful data from distributed log files.

Retrospective against the world
25. Oct. 2013 by Helen

There are basically two types of log analysis solutions: a typical desktop application such as Retrospective and a full blown SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) product. At first, both may seem quite similar, but you’ll very soon find out that they are actually totally different.

Retrospective 3.0.0 has become reality
26. July. 2013 by Markus

Retrospective 3.0 is out and it’s bigger, faster and better. Version 3.0 brings new looks and a lot of new features. Retrospective is available for IBM AIX, HP-UX and Solaris operating systems so there’s very little chance that you’re running an OS which is not supported by officially released binaries. In addition to these three systems, Retrospective also supports Mac OSX from the remote hosts perspective allowing to access log files stored on their file systems.

Striving for excellence
24. May. 2013 by Magda

It’s hard to say exactly when Retrospective Log Analyzer was created. It all started many years ago when some of our staff on a customer site had to deal with a highly complex integration project with hundreds of servers and even more log files created daily by the servers’ software. Our expectations were high, though; which we admit.

When SIEM is too much...
16. Apr. 2013 by Markus

Recently I've noticed that in certain circles everyone seems to be going crazy about SIEM - Security Information and Event Management. Maybe it's not as popular as IT industry's equivalent of Justin Bieber - cloud computing, but it’s still very well known as anytime someone asks for a convenient solution to monitor their server logs, people suggest Splunk, Sumo Logic, XpoLog or a similar product. Sure SIEM does have its advantages but it’s simply not for everyone.

Retrospective 2.2.0 is out!
13. Mar. 2013 by Urs

Guess what? New Retrospective release is out and it brings some new features to further improve the user experience!

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