Retrospective Log Analyzer at JDD 2012
07. Nov. 2012 by Magda

Centeractive ag was pleased to sponsor this year’s JDD edition that took place on 25th -26th October in Cracow. Jessica Kerr, Rebecca Wirfs Brock, Jacek Laskowski, Joseph Yoder, Sławomir Sobótka, Leonid Igolnik and many others shared their knowledge with more than 400 participants.

Retrospective 2.1.2 is released!
08. Oct. 2012 by Markus

Today we have just released the latest version of Retrospective (2.1.2). After receiving some useful feedback from our users we decided to implement the much desired SSH key authentication for connecting to remote hosts. Mac users will also be pleased to hear that performance and compatibility has been improved for the latest release of OSX 10.8.

A short retrospective on Retrospective GUI
07. Sept. 2012 by Magda

In the search to provide an efficient and effective log management tool centeractive realized that a critical aspect of such a tool was the User Interface. Most of the time analysts are not looking at the console for entertainment, but because they want to find a specific message that will tell you what went, or is going, wrong.

Changes in Retrospective - enhancing the experience
31. Aug. 2012 by Markus

Finding something can be harder than one could think and missing it can sometimes have some serious consequences. If it’s your car keys, you will simply run a bit late. But if it’s some information from your production environment server trying desperately to let you know that it’s about to collapse, it’s something much more serious. Recent changes introduced in Retrospective are all about helping you find what you want when searching and not miss what’s really important when tailing.

Better GUI in Retrospective 2.1.1
29. Aug. 2012 by Kevin

We have the pleasure to announce that the version 2.1.1 of the Retrospective Log Analyzer has been released. The changes and improvements have been made mostly in the tool’s Graphical User Interface to make the user experience even better.

Retrospective features in a nutshell
23. Aug. 2012 by Kevin

...the industry consensus is that immature searching and reporting capabilities have become the bottleneck in current log management offerings. It is obvious that when you have hundreds of devices producing logs, no analyst has the time to analyze even a part of them, let alone identify the important events amidst such a flood of data. So, any improvements in the processes for querying logs and extracting pertinent data from them can only be welcomed.

Retrospective 2.1.0 is released
16. Aug. 2016 by Markus

We have just released the latest version of Retrospective (2.1.0). You will be pleased to hear that we have had some valuable feedback from users regarding features or improvements that we have been able to implement in this latest release. We have also addressed a number of defects and implemented a number of improvements regarding search efficiency and load management.

Retrospective and Apache
30. July. 2012 by Markus

Everyone has heard of the Apache - both the Native American tribe and the most popular web server, first to hit 100 million installations worldwide. It runs on home servers hosting personal homepages as well as in data centers hosting thousands of commercials websites. No matter the use case, there is a slight chance that something will go wrong. And it just did... what now?

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